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SocialGood App
SocialGood App
SocialGood App

100% Crypto Back eCommerce Shops*

There are more than 1,600,000 users worldwide.

  • Available stores and rates may vary by country.
  • The total number of users registered with the SocialGood App and web version (as of January 2022).
  • Patented Crypto Back Service.

3 Steps to Shop
Practically FREE

  • 1.Buy what you like with fiat currency

    Choose your own payment method:
    Credit Card, PayPal, etc.

    Shop like usual and purchase what you want. Get 100% crypto back up to $10,000 per purchase.

    Over 1,800
    Shops Available

    Buy Anything
    For $10,000

  • 2.Get Crypto & Products

    In about a month or so*, you'll receive up to $10,000 in crypto back from shopping.

    The crypto you’ll receive is known as SocialGood (abbreviated SG).

    Through shopping with the app, you’ll receive up to 100% of the purchase price (crypto back will be reflected in the app within a few days after we receive confirmation of purchase from the shop).

    The maximum amount per purchase is $10,000, but you can make as many purchase as you like.

  • 3.Withdrawing Crypto

    SG can be withdrawn after the partner company approves the purchase (at least one month).

    SG is listed on Bittrex, BitMart, and Uniswap.
    The price of SG can be found at Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

    How is SG's theoretical price calculated?

    How is SG's theoretical price calculated?
    Because SG has a supply cap, similar to Bitcoin, as the number of holders rises the value can also rise. Then, how much will the value rise if the number of holders increases? Let's analyze based on objective data. See here for more details.


Q1.Can the operating company be trusted? Can I really get crypto for free?

As a member of the FinTech Group of Japan founded in 2005, The SocialGood Foundation's crypto back business is approved by and is publicly supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan.

SocialGood holds several patents regarding how cryptocurrency is used to provide consumers with cashback, rewards, and point redemptions.
The company has provided crypto back to all users who have made purchases on the app which meet the crypto back terms and conditions.
If you haven't received crypto back after the specified SG approval period, please contact customer support here.

By the way , some people may be concerned and wondering, "How can the company have 100% return rates? Wouldn't they lose money?" But, you don't need to worry.
By putting the partner companies on the app, the operating company is able to receive advertising revenue from their business. As the partner companies are very happy to have a new way of increasing their customer base they are able to partner with more companies daily.

Therefore, please enjoy receiving free crypto and increasing your assets without worry.
The more you earn, the more we earn too. So, in a way, we're also partners.
We plan on continuing to grow in a sustainable manner so that everyone in the world is able to gain more assets the more they shop.

Q2.How much crypto back will I get if I make a purchase over $10,000?

The maximum SG crypto back value is limited to $10,000 per purchase.

Q3.When will the 100% Crypto Back campaign end?

Rates and conditions are subject to change. Please check the app for the latest information.

Enjoy shopping practically for free and tell all your friends about this campaign so that you can be eligible to receive $200 worth of SG for each referral through January 31st.

Q4.Some people on social media have claimed to have not received crypto. Why?

The crypto back value may take several days to show up on the SocialGood account.

Once the purchase data from the store has been verified by the SocialGood App, the SG crypto value of your purchase will appear in the Assets tab in the app under Owned SG.

More details about shopping with the app can be found here. FAQ

If you haven't received crypto back after the specified SG approval period, please contact customer support here.

For those who have already received crypto back, you will have even more opportunities to get SG!

To participate, post a screenshot of your earned SG assets on any of the social platforms mentioned above with the hashtag #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack.

Screenshots of SG earned through referral campaigns, past campaigns and regular purchases are also eligible for this campaign.

Three lucky campaign participants will be chosen from the social posts and be gifted $1,000 worth of SG.

Multiple posts with different SG earnings are permitted, so post more to increase your chances of winning.

Let's post proof that you got crypto with the hash tag #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram!

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Q5.If I invite a friend via the in-app referral system, can I get $200 worth of SG?

Yes, share your invitation code on social or among family and friends. When they use your code to sign up, as part of our Christmas campaign you will receive $200 worth of SG through January 31st.

People who register with your invitation code will also earn $200 worth of SG. The received pending SG can be withdrawn once the new user who registered with your invitation code has completed $30 of eligible purchases.

Your invitation code can be used an unlimited amount of times.