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SocialGood App
SocialGood App

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There are more than 230,000 users worldwide.

  • Available stores may vary by country.
  • The total number of users registered with the SocialGood App and web version (as of May 2021).
  • Patented Crypto Back Service.

3 Steps to Shop
Practically FREE

  • 1.Buy what you like with fiat currency

    Choose your own payment method:
    Credit Card, PayPal, etc.

    Shop like usual and purchase what you want. Get 100% crypto back up to $500 per transaction.

    Over 1,800
    Shops Available

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  • 2.Get Crypto & Products

    In about a month or so*, you'll receive up to $500 in crypto back from shopping.

    The crypto you’ll receive is known as SocialGood (abbreviated SG).

    Through shopping with the app, you’ll receive up to 100% of the purchase price (crypto back will be reflected in the app within a few days after we receive confirmation of purchase from the shop).

    The maximum amount per transaction is $500, but you can make as many transactions as you like.

  • 3.Withdrawing Crypto

    SG can be withdrawn after the partner company approves the purchase (at least one month).

    SG is listed on Bittrex, BitMart, and Uniswap.

    After listing, the price of SG rose

    • Please confirm conditions within the app.
      Interest rates will be set according to the amount of SG stored within the app, so it's best to hold on without withdrawing unless necessary.


Q1.Can the operating company be trusted? Can I really get crypto for free?

The operating company, Social Good Foundation Co., Ltd., is a member of a FinTech Group in Japan, founded in 2005.

The Social Good Foundation's crypto back business has been approved by and is publicly supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan.

The company has already obtained several patents for how it uses cryptocurrency to provide consumers with cashback, rewards, and point redemptions. Until now, they have delivered crypto back to all users who have satisfied the conditions for receiving crypto back.

If you haven't received crypto back after the specified SG approval period, please contact customer support here.

Q2.How much crypto back will I get if I make a $600 purchase?

The maximum SG that can be granted in a single transaction is $500.

Even if you purchase a product for $600, you can only get the maximum of $500 back in crypto.

You can get up to $500 worth of SG crypto back for as many transactions as you like.

Q3.When will the 100% Crypto Back campaign end?

The campaign will officially run until the end of August 2021, but the campaign is limited to the first 10,000 shoppers.

If we reach this number of shoppers during the campaign period the campaign may end earlier. An announcement about the end of the campaign will be shared within the app. So rest assured, the campaign won’t end without notice.

Enjoy shopping practically for free and tell all your friends about this campaign so that you can be eligible to receive $25 worth of SG for each referral.

Q4.Some people on social media have claimed to have not received crypto. Why?

Please let those users know the following rules.

After purchase data has been received by the SocialGood App from the store where a purchase has been made, the data will be reflected in the "Owned SG" section of the app. It may take several days to show after completing the purchase.

You can withdraw SG reflected in the app only after the cancellation period from the shop where the purchase was made has passed.

This period generally takes about a month. For more details, please see the explanation of this time period on each store's information page.

More details about shopping with the app can be found here. FAQ

If you haven't received crypto back after the specified SG approval period, please contact customer support here.

For those who have already received crypto back, you will have even more opportunities to get SG!

During the 100% Crypto Back Campaign (until the end of August), post screenshots of your SG withdrawals from the SocialGood App to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack

Images of SG received through referral campaigns, past campaigns, and regular shopping is okay as well. Please post your screenshots showing you received SG from the SocialGood App.

Three random people who have posted using the hashtag on social media will receive $1,000 worth of SG. This announcement will take place in mid-September. Please post as many times as you like to improve your chances of winning.

By simply doing a kind act such as sharing a screenshot to new SocialGood App users and showing them you can actually get SG, it will ultimately benefit you. (because your probability of winning the lottery will also increase).

Let's post proof that you got crypto with the hash tag #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram!

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Q5.If I invite a friend via the in-app referral system, can I get $25 worth of SG?

Yes, you can get $25 worth of SG just by sharing your invitation code.

After sharing your invitation code, your invitee must make a purchase of $25 or more as a condition to withdraw the $25 worth of SG. In other words, the key to receiving your $25 worth of SG is your friend’s first purchase through the app.

Friends invited to the app via your invitation code will also receive $25 worth of SG after their first purchase has been approved within the app, in addition to the 100% crypto back campaign.

As you can see, joining and sharing the SocialGood App benefits you and your friends with no risks at all.

There is no limit on the number of invitees you can invite.

In fact, some SocialGood App users have already earned over $25,000 worth of referral bonuses within a week!

When inviting new users, don’t forget to tell your friends they can shop for free with the app! This is a limited-time offer available for the first 10,000 people only!