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SocialGood (SG) crypto can be purchased from crypto exchanges. Hold your SG in your wallet linked to the SocialGood App to earn staking rewards of up to 15% APY. 

Just like Bitcoin, the more widespread that SG becomes, the more the value of SG may rise.

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Our Stats

  • Total SG Supply :  210,000,000
  • Standard : ERC-20
  • Remaining SG Supply : 99% Unissued
More Details: SocialGood Whitepaper
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How cAn I Buy SocialGood?

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step 1

Choose A Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

First, choose a crypto exchange and create an account if you do not already have one.

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Buy a crypto that is exchangeable for SG on your chosen platform.

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SG can be bought from exchanges like Bittrex, BitMart, and Uniswap.

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Buy SocialGood on the exchange of your choice.


As we all know from Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency’s value is proportional to the number of its users. Like BTC, SG has a limited supply, so we believe that the SG value will rise as users increase.

As SocialGood App users increase, the number of SG holders increases.

As the value of SG rises, more and more people will download the SocialGood App to earn SG for free.

That is why you should hold your SG long-term, looking forward to this positive cycle while earning up to 15% APY on the SG you hold. Over 90% of SocialGood App users keep their SG in the SocialGood App for staking.

We plan to make SG usable as a payment method at stores partnered with the SocialGood App.

We also plan to make SG tradable on many crypto exchanges worldwide.

SocialGood Cycle

Want to Learn More About SG 15% STAKING REWARDS?

We offer membership rewards exclusively for our app users. We are currently offering up to 15% APY on SG held in our app or your linked wallet.

Want to learn more about our SG Membership Program?

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Minting & Currency Devaluation

Are my token investments safe?

The maximum issuance limit of SocialGood is 210 million tokens. SocialGood released 2,205,752.73SG - 0.3% of total circulating supply on major exchanges in July 2020. 99% of SocialGood are non-issued and are allocated as reserved tokens to be distributed to SocialGood App users in conjunction with their shopping activities and staking rewards for token holders.

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