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Members-Only 100% Crypto Back Returns Until July 31, SG Price Doubled

For members only, the 100% Crypto Back (cashback in crypto) offer is back at all stores until July 31, 2023!

UPDATE: Non-members will get 85% Crypto Back, for a limited time only!

You can get up to $1,000 worth of the cryptoasset SG per purchase.

The SocialGood App is more than just a simple crypto cashback app.

This app let you gain the high-potential cryptoasset SG for free, and hold your SG for the long term to help you build your assets for the future.
We have 2.3 million users and 83% of them have chosen to hold their SG long-term.

To become a new member, you will need to hold 200 SG.
Once you become a member, you will get 100% back on all of your shopping plus daily staking bonuses (up to 15% APY).

As we have announced already, as the demand for SG rises, the price has already gone up- just look at today’s chart.

SG USDT 2023 07 03T19 06 0609 00

How to activate your membership:

1. Connect your crypto wallet to the SocialGood App

2. Buy 200 SG via the Coinbase Commerce feature in the app (no Coinbase account needed)

In June, the SG token ecosystem was renewed with the implementation of our patented crypto buyback system, so the price of SG doubled. Read this article now for more information.

If you gain $1,000 worth of SG now, it could be worth $2,000 next month.

Also, the immediate withdrawal feature was introduced last month.
This withdrawal system will be updated soon as well. In the future update, we plan to prioritize frequent shoppers- the more you shop via the app, higher the amount you will be able to withdraw immediately.

Still, you will not be able to immediately withdrawal the SG worth $1,000 that you got for free.
This is because we are currently controlling the selling pressure to raise the SG price.
But in the future, when the price of SG has risen even higher, you can withdraw your SG for a great value.

Just imagine – a future where the $1,000 in assets you got for free becomes 100 times more valuable, totaling $100,000.
We, the SocialGood team, are here to help you build your assets and become a high-net-worth individual, without spending any investment money.
At SocialGood, we deeply value our win-win relationship with long-term SG holders.

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