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How to Install SocialGood Chrome Extension Tutorial

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The SocialGood Chrome Extension allows you to get SG when you shop on your desktop. You don’t have to open the app every time before you shop, so you can avoid missing out on SG when you shop!

The background of the SG logo in your Chrome window will turn light blue when the extension is activated for the site you’re currently viewing.


How to Install

Extension Tips – Get more SG

How to Activate SG Withdrawals

231016B chrome walmart

How to Install the Extension

1. Install the SocialGood Chrome Extension

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store – click “Add to Chrome.”

chrome 1

2. Click “Add extension”

Note that “It can: Read and change all your data on all websites” is a standard warning from Google that applies to many extensions.
SocialGood, Inc. will not track or influence your private information like browsing history or credit card details.

chrome 2
chrome 3

3. Pin to Chrome

Click the puzzle piece and pin the SocialGood extension so you can access it easily.

chrome 4

4. Sign In

Click the SG logo and sign in with your SocialGood account. (You’ll need to have an account on the SocialGood App.)

chrome 5

5. Check Adblocker and Cookies Settings

You will need to either whitelist on your adblocker or disable the adblocker while you shop. Be sure to allow third-party cookies in order for your purchases to be tracked properly.

To allow third-party cookies, access your Chrome settings, open the “Cookies and other site data” section and choose the “Allow all cookies” option.

Check the settings on any adblocker or anti-virus software you use to ensure that it won’t interfere with tracking.

Tips to Gain SG with the Extension

1. Google search for the products you want to buy
You’ll automatically see the SG Asset Building Rate above results from partnered sites.

chrome research 1

2. Visit your favorite sites as usual
When the service is activated, partnered sites will show an “Activated” popup and the SG mark will turn a light-blue color.

231016B chrome walmart

3. Click the SG logo to view the full list of partnered sites and current offers
You can also access your extension settings and your referral code from this screen.

chrome 6

How to Activate SG Withdrawals with the Extension

1. After installing, click the SG logo and “Settings”

chrome 6 1

2. Slide to unlock SG withdrawals

chrome 7
Disclaimer: The SocialGood (SG) token is a utility token. SG is not a security, just as real estate and gold are not securities. The description above does not refer to the nature of SG in any way. The appreciation/price increase of SG is not guaranteed. The Company is not responsible in any way for the fluctuation of the price of SG. The Company is not liable for any loss/damage/injury of customers in relation to SG. The description above is not intended to solicit investment. The description above is only for the purpose of providing general information for customers. The description above may change without prior notice and the Company is not responsible for the current description and for updating the description.
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