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About SocialGood, Inc.

Our mission: To build the world's largest global platform and to provide financial freedom to all people worldwide
Our vision: To become the top cryptocurrency and global mobile app with the highest number of users
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The Origin of SocialGood

Achievements of the SocialGood Project

The SocialGood project is an innovative and ambitious global project based on blockchain technology, supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and JETRO, and led by experienced professionals in the fintech field.

Having raised $14 million in VC equity funding and obtained over 70 patents worldwide related to their innovative business model, obtained over two million users, and partnerships with major sites including eBay, Walmart, and AliExpress, the SocialGood project is on track to continue to grow at an exponential rate.

VC Funding


Given Out
to shoppers

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Supported by the Japanese Government


70+ Patents Registered


2,300,000+ Users



Meet the Executive Team

SocialGood, Inc. is comprised of a highly-qualified team with years of relevant experience in the fintech field.
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Soichiro Takaoka


・23+ years of experience as a fintech entrepreneur
・Founder/CEO of the most successful overseas fund investment advisory in Japan for individual investors, with over $1 billion USD in advisory contracts
・Founded SocialGood, Inc. in 2018
・Education: Tokyo University, Stanford Executive Program

Ryosuke Katsuki


・Formerly Cambridge Technology Partners, Chief Architect at Novell

・Experience as a CTO for multiple companies, including a Silicon Valley AI startup

・Proven track record with AI/ML and agile data-driven management and business development

・Education: UC Berkeley (Computer Science), HEC Paris (MBA)

img team hoshi

Kenichi Hoshi


・Joined Amazon Japan in 2008 as an executive and led its growth from the early stages.
・Founder and president of kenhoshi & Company, incumbent independent director for AI Inside (TSE Growth), Medley, Inc. (TSE Prime), and GROOVE


Kimihiro Mine


・Formerly Monex, Inc. executive director of compliance, and Coincheck, Inc. as executive director of compliance. 
・Previously President of bitFlyer Group and Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association
・President of finoject Inc., board member of JPYC
・Education: Hitotsubashi University

img team Yonekura

Seiichiro Yonekura


・Professor at the Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research. His research focuses on innovation. After a chance encounter with the founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus, he became a Grameen special advisor in Japan. He provides advice about social entrepreneurship.
・He earned his PhD from GSAS at Harvard University.

About the SocialGood Project

Most people worldwide do not own any assets. On the other hand, wealthy shareholders become even wealthier as their stock holdings gain value over time. This is how the income inequality gap continues to widen.

The SocialGood project was created to update the way that capitalism works, with a service that allows consumers to gain assets from their usual shopping.

The more users shop through the app, the more assets they earn.

The SocialGood Project is run by SocialGood, Inc., who hold over 70 registered patents including their Crypto Back reward system, and have partnered with over 20,000 major shopping websites including eBay and AliExpress.

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The Number of SocialGood Users is Skyrocketing

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Meet Our Team

Soichiro Takaoka

Soichiro Takaoka


A Japanese serial entrepreneur with 23 years of experience in the fintech field, he began his career at Mitsui & Co., one of the most massive global enterprises based in Japan. He then left to start his own fintech company which rose to the top under his leadership, gaining over $1B total in investment advisory contracts, the highest of any investment advisory firm in Japan for individual investors. He has also authored two publications about finance.
In 2018, he founded SocialGood, Inc. based on multiple inventions related to cryptocurrency.
He graduated from Tokyo University and completed the Stanford Executive Program.

img team Tantomo

Andrew Tantomo


As a lead engineer at Rakuten, he was involved in global app development. He is a highly-skilled, full stack developer, fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
He holds degrees from the Singapore Institute of Management and Keio University Graduate School.

img team hoshi

Kenichi Hoshi


As a member of the Amazon Japan management team during their major growth period, he led the expansion of several key businesses.

img team matsumoto

Yoshitaka Matsumoto


As an engineer at IBM Japan, he was involved in large-scale global development and obtained six patents. As a data scientist at DeNA, he led the economical design and data analysis of well-known games. He graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Ritsumeikan University.

Tomohiro Takagi

Tomohiro Takagi


Professor at the School of Science and Technology of Meiji University and is a Doctor of Engineering. As one of the world’s leading authorities on computational AI, he has been a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley in addition to conducting joint research with Sony and Panasonic. His research is at the forefront of high-precision recommendation engines and high-precision targeted marketing.

Naoki Yokoyama

Naoki Yokoyama


Former Managing Director at Nikko Securities Inc. (now SMBC Nikko Securities) and CEO of a SBI Group asset company. Served as a member of the Business Accounting Council, the Financial System Research Council, and the Commodity Exchange Council. He graduated from the University of Tokyo.

Hideto Kohno

Hideto Kohno


Director of Kohno & Kohno Patent Office and author of “Introduction to FinTech Patents: Arm Blockchain Technology with Patents.” His office has been an expert in IT intellectual property for over 40 years.

Hisahito Kobayashi

Hisahito Kobayashi


Former internal auditor at a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. His experience includes handling regulatory issues with global regulators as the lead representing counterparty officer.
He holds a master's degree from Harvard University (KSG MPA).

Seiichiro Yonekura

Seiichiro Yonekura


Professor at the Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research. His research focuses on innovation. After a chance encounter with the founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus, he became a Grameen special advisor in Japan. He provides advice about social entrepreneurship.
He earned his PhD from GSAS at Harvard University.


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