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SG was created by SocialGood Foundation Inc. We are a Japanese fintech company officially supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and JETRO. We hold 68 patents related to cashback, rewards, and point redemption services, including our Crypto Back system. We have awarded Crypto Back to all users who have made qualified purchases through our app.

The maximum amount qualified to receive SG is $10,000 per purchase. There are no limits in the number of qualifying purchases.

Our users can enjoy this offer at any time. Please check in the app for each store's current Crypto Back rates.

After the purchase has been verified, your earned SG amount will appear in your “Assets” tab in the app as “Approved SG.” This may take several days or up to two months.

You can withdraw your SG after the pending period for your qualified purchase ends. Each store has their own policy for this pending period, but it usually takes about one month.

Yes. Share your invitation code with your friends on social media and you will earn $30 worth of SG as a referral bonus every time your code is used. People who register with your code will also earn an extra $30 worth of SG after their first Crypto Back purchase over $30 has been approved. Your code can be used an unlimited number of times.

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You can find more detailed information on our Zendesk about SG and shopping with the SocialGood App.

Didn’t Get Your Crypto Back On Your Purchase?

If you haven’t received your Crypto Back rewards after the specified SG approval period, please contact our customer support team.

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