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SG is a limited-supply cryptocurrency. The SocialGood project was created by SocialGood, Inc. We are a Japanese fintech company officially supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We have registered over 70 patents related to our Crypto Back system. We have given over $50 million in Crypto Back rewards to users who have made qualified purchases through our app.

You can receive staking rewards on all of your SG held in the SocialGood App and in your connected wallet. The more SG you hold, and the more shopping you do in the app, the higher your reward rate will be, up to 15% APY. (More details)

It's simple! Just be sure to read all of the conditions listed on the store's page in the SocialGood App, and complete the purchase as instructed. Be careful not to activate other cashback/reward sites or browser extensions and avoid clicking outside the app while you shop. Don't use ad blockers or a VPN. (More tips)

Please check in the app for each store's current Crypto Back reward rates. You can earn up to $1,000 worth of SG tokens for each purchase.

After we have received the data from the store about your purchase, the Crypto Back SG amount will appear in your “Assets” tab in the app as “Pending SG.” This may take several days depending on the store's Notification Period.

You can withdraw your SG after the store has approved your qualified purchase. Each store has their own policy for this Verification Period, but it usually takes at least one month.

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You can find more detailed information on our Zendesk about SG and shopping with the SocialGood App.

Didn’t Get Your Crypto Back On Your Purchase?

If you haven’t received your Crypto Back rewards after the specified SG approval period, please contact our customer support team.

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