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SG is a limited-supply cryptocurrency. The SocialGood project was created by SocialGood, Inc. We are a Japanese fintech company officially supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We have registered over 70 patents related to our Crypto Back system. We have given over $50 million in Crypto Back rewards to users who have made qualified purchases through our app.

You can receive staking rewards on all of your SG held in the SocialGood App and in your connected wallet. The more SG you hold, and the more shopping you do in the app, the higher your reward rate will be, up to 15% APY. (More details)

It's simple! Just be sure to read all of the conditions listed on the store's page in the SocialGood App, and complete the purchase as instructed. Be careful not to activate other cashback/reward sites or browser extensions and avoid clicking outside the app while you shop. Don't use ad blockers or a VPN. (More tips)

Please check in the app for each store's current Crypto Back reward rates. You can earn up to $1,000 worth of SG tokens for each purchase.

After we have received the data from the store about your purchase, the Crypto Back SG amount will appear in your “Assets” tab in the app as “Pending SG.” This may take several days depending on the store's Notification Period.

You can withdraw your SG after the store has approved your qualified purchase. Each store has their own policy for this Verification Period, but it usually takes at least one month.

In general, tokens do not have a system in place to support a continuous price increase. But SG does.


SG has a maximum supply of 210 million tokens, some of which has already been issued and is liquid in the market.

To reward SG to our users, we purchase SG from the market (buyback), which continuously places upward pressure on the price of SG. We have patented this innovative system internationally.

SocialGood has also been featured in Forbes. Since the introduction of this patented buyback system, the price of SG has risen +125% (from June 19 to July 5, 2023).

More details:

Yes, of course there is!

With the patented buyback system, the price of SG is expected to continue steadily rising.
It’s more profitable to get a lot of SG using the SocialGood App now while SG prices are low.

For example, if 1 SG = $1, if you shop and get $100 worth of SG back, you will get 100 SG.
If you shop when 1 SG = $10, you will get only 10 SG.
The SG supply is limited to 210 million, so would be best to collect as much as possible quickly (just like Bitcoin).

The SocialGood App is not an app aiming to save you tiny amounts of cash like other apps. SocialGood community members understand that this is an app is meant to help you collect assets that will make you wealthy in the long term. No matter what percentage of your shopping you get in SG, if the price of SG you receive will rise 10x or 100x in the future, the exact percentage will hardly matter.

How to Shop via the SocialGood App:

How to Shop via the SocialGood Chrome Extension:

How to Activate your Membership for Higher Rewards and Staking Bonuses:

How to Gain SG with Free Activities:

We have already partnered with over 20,000 companies, and our future roadmap includes making SG useable as a payment method with traditional credit cards like Visa. We also plan to release exclusive original content that can only be purchased with SG.

Currently, 200 SG functions as a membership activation pass, giving holders membership status and qualifying them to receive 100% Crypto Back shopping rewards, staking bonuses up to 15% APY, and other benefits.

Most token projects have no real business behind them. SocialGood is different- there is an actual business behind SG.

Usually, other token projects simply aim to gain cash by selling off their native token.

But the SocialGood project is different; selling off SG is not our goal.

Our company, SocialGood, Inc., is in the business of distributing SG to our users so that they will keep using the SocialGood App. The more they use the app, the more commission we earn from our partnered sites in return for bringing them more sales.

In order for SocialGood App to take over the market for performance-based marketing, which is worth over $10 billion in the U.S. alone, we are utilizing SG to grow our user base into the hundreds of millions.

We have already partnered with over 20,000 brands located worldwide, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

SocialGood, Inc. is aiming for a NASDAQ listing and we have already raised over $14M in equity funding from VC investors. We planned an ICO in the past, but have not gone through with it, because would have interfered with our IPO.

The target audience is everyone who wants to profit with crypto. In other words, the over 300 million crypto investors in the world.
The SocialGood App allows everyone to gain investment assets free of charge, so there is a guaranteed profit to take. In other words, SG is the Take-Profit Token.

However, since we value the long-term rise of the SG price most of all, when it comes to taking SG out of the app (withdrawals), we give priority to users who contribute to the ecosystem most.
Those who contribute to the SocialGood Ecosystem are:
(1) long-term SG holders
(2) people who regularly use the app or Chrome extension when they shop online
(3) people who invite others to join the ecosystem

Please note that those who do not meet these three criteria will encounter difficulty when they try to withdraw SG from the app.

Those who cannot understand the logic that their SG will increase in value over time by using the app should not use the app.
For more information, please visit: 
Patented Crypto Buyback System Begins

You can trade USDT, BTC, or INR for SG at a variety of exchanges including LBankMEXC GlobalBittrex, BitMartCoinstoreLATOKENBitbns, and Uniswap.

More details here:

You can also trade crypto for SG via the Coinbase Commerce feature inside the SocialGood App.

More details:

First, we use this fee to fund the growth of the overall ecosystem, including buying back SG from the market.
Second, we can use our control of these fees to more effectively ensure that the selling pressure on SG in the market does not increase.
Both of these measures are designed to increase the SG price over time. The more the ecosystem expands, and the higher the SG price rises, the lower the withdrawal fee will become, so it is best to continue holding SG for the long term. In fact, 83% of SocialGood App users have chosen not to withdraw their SG and are holding long-term.

Still, no matter what percentage the fee is set to be, if the price of SG you get out will increase 10x or 100x in the future, the withdrawal fee will be negligible in terms of your wealth in assets.
Furthermore, even if there was a 95% fee to withdraw SG from the app, it still would be a 5% discount off the cost of buying the same amount of SG from the market at that time. Rest assured that you are still profiting from free rewards.

First, by allowing anyone in the world to build assets without any initial investment, SG is helping to reduce the economic disparity in the world.
Second, for retailers large and small around the world who have struggled with traditional Google search and YouTube ads that are not cost-effective and do not generate sales, SocialGood App's performance-based promotional platform has the direct benefit of increasing sales in a cost-effective way.

The more that the SG ecosystem grows, the more that the world's advertising budget will flow into SocialGood, Inc., where it has previously fallen into media that did not necessarily effectively contribute to sales. The ad revenue that brands pay to our company will be used to buy back SG and increase profits for you as an SG holder.

To put this in perspective, this means that you as an individual will now be in a position to receive your share of the huge advertising budgets that used to go exclusively to from the retailers to Google and YouTube.

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If you haven’t received your Crypto Back rewards after the specified SG approval period, please contact our customer support team.

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