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SocialGood, Inc. Board of Directors Announcement

SocialGood, Inc., the developers of “Shop-to-Earn” platform the SocialGood App (iOS, Android) have announced the establishment of a Board of Directors in order to further strengthen their management structure. As members of the Board, Kenichi Hoshi (former executive at Amazon Japan) has joined as an Outside Director, and Kimihiro Mine (former president of bitFlyer) has joined as an Outside Company Auditor.

SocialGood, Inc. manages the SocialGood App, which is available for iOS and Android, and has users in over 200 countries and regions worldwide, primarily in the U.S. After launching in September 2020, the app has gained over 2.3 million users worldwide, and has linked API with over 20,000 partnered brands, including eBay, Walmart, and The company has obtained over 90 patents for their crypto cashback business model and related innovations. After raising $14.2 million in March 2022, the largest funding of any Web3 company in Japan at the time, SocialGood, Inc. is actively recruiting new members to join their team.

SocialGood, Inc. is now establishing a Board of Directors system of management in order to further accelerate their growth toward realizing their vision of building the world’s largest shopping platform. The Board of Directors will serve to strengthen their management structure and corporate governance. Kenichi Hoshi, a former member of the founding Amazon Japan management team who has extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, has been appointed as an Outside Director. Kimihiro Mine, the former president of bitFlyer, who has extensive experience in the financial industry, has been appointed as an Outside Company Auditor. With these appointments, SocialGood, Inc. intends to further grow their global service targeting the world’s 6.5 billion mobile device users by utilizing their extensive combined knowledge in the e-commerce x finance = fintech domain.

directors hoshi

Mr. Takaoka, the founder of SocialGood, Inc. reached out to me before the SocialGood App launched, saying, “I want your help to create the next generation of Amazon.” The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was able to reach the top of the industry after obtaining a patent for “one-click” shopping during the early days of e-commerce by maintaining a user-first approach guided by a long-term perspective. Although Web3 and the crypto industry is still in its early days, I believe that SocialGood, Inc., which has obtained patents for the crypto cashback model both in Japan and internationally, can ride the wave of growth in this industry and become a global platform based out of Japan. Since its founding, I have served as an external advisor for SocialGood, Inc, believing in this potential. During my ten years as a member of the executive team at Amazon Japan, we scaled the business by more than 10x. Based on that experience, I aim to contribute to the growth of SocialGood Inc. as an outside director.

Kenichi Hoshi

About Kenichi Hoshi

After serving as president of overseas subsidiaries in several countries for JUKI (TSE Prime) and MISUMI (TSE Prime), he joined Amazon Japan in 2008 as part of their executive team and led the company’s growth from its early stage into its booming growth phase. 
He has served as COO of Oisix ra daichi Inc. since 2020 and currently serves as an outside director for AI inside (TSE Growth), Medley, Inc. (TSE Prime), and GROOVE.
He has authored two publications related to business management.

directors mine

Even going into 2022, when it was widely said to be a “crypto winter,” SocialGood, Inc. achieved rapid growth by increasing its sales by 5.7x compared to the previous year (comparing 2022/2021). I recognize this as evidence that the company is providing solid value to its customers. As a rare example of successful implementation of blockchain and crypto-based solutions, I trust that there will be continue to be impressive developments in the future. I am pleased to utilize my knowledge of legal compliance, management, and risk management that I have cultivated over many years in the financial and cryptocurrency industries to assist the growth of SocialGood, Inc. into a global corporation. As an outside auditor, I will oversee the management to help SocialGood Inc. in its mission to make the world a better place.

Kimihiro Mine

About Kimihiro Mine

After working at the Industrial Bank of Japan (now Mizuho Bank), he served as Director of Corporate Planning and Compliance at Matsui Securities, Executive Officer of Corporate Planning and Human Resources & General Affairs at SBI Securities, Executive Officer of Regulatory Management Department at Monex, Inc. and Executive Officer in charge of Compliance and Corporate Planning at Coincheck, Inc. In 2020 he was appointed as president of bitFlyer and served as Chairman of Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association.

directors takaoka

Our mission is to create the world’s largest global platform and bring financial freedom to all. Most people continually lose money as they pay for their daily expenses, while on the other hand, the wealthy continue to increase their assets through dividends and stock appreciation from corporations. This result of the current capitalist system, which continues to widen economic disparity, is recognized as a global social issue. Our company was created to solve this social issue by updating the capitalist system. By using the “SocialGood App,” everyday shoppers can earn cryptocurrency every time they shop, and therefore build their own assets. By growing the SocialGood App userbase to be the largest in the world, we aim to make the world a better place by reducing global economic disparity.

The Web3 industry, which has built a new ecosystem to create innovation in society, is one of the few areas in which Japan is leading the world. The Japanese national government has publicly supported Web3 as a growth strategy (Prime Minister’s Policy Speech, October 2022). We will continue our business with both caution and boldness, with a new management system to strengthen our corporate governance, as we aim to become a global platform and have a positive impact on the world.

Soichiro Takaoka, CEO

About SocialGood, Inc.

SocialGood, Inc. is a fintech company founded in 2018 with the mission to create the world’s largest global platform and bring financial freedom to all people worldwide. It provides its services to users in over 200 countries and regions worldwide, holds over 90 patents, and has linked API with over 20,000 companies worldwide. It is supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and JETRO.

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