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How to Get 100s of Referral Bonuses

SocialGood News Blog How to Get Referral Bonuses

Must-Watch Video for all SocialGood App Users and SocialGood (SG) Holders

Updated Sept. 20, 2023

The SocialGood App has was updated in July 2023 to give top priority to those who have contributed to the SocialGood Ecosystem the most and allow them to withdraw higher amounts of SG from the app.
In order to become a top contributor, you will need to learn how to refer others to the SocialGood App – and everything you need to know is explained below.

As you know, you will get a referral bonus for every new friend you bring to the app.
There are many people who have invited 100+ of their friends, acquaintances, and community members, and they have received hundreds of referral bonuses.
Don’t miss this opportunity to do the same.

How to Refer (Invite with your Code)
If you tap the “Refer” button on the top righthand side of the SocialGood App screen of the application, you can copy your unique referral code. (If you’re on your phone now- tap here)

Post your referral code and referral link on social media or message it to your friends. You can also show your referral screen QR code to make it even easier for your friends to download right away,
If your friend registers and shops via the app after using your link or code, you have succeeded!

TIP #1: If someone registers after clicking on your link, even if they don’t enter your referral code, it will still be tracked as your referral.
TIP #2: There is a pre-filled text for sharing your code from the app, but you’re free to edit it and write whatever you like.

Where to Share your Referral Code/Link
・Facebook groups, pages, and communities
・Discord crypto communities


Be sure to write out why you like the app and paste in your unique URL.
If you only write in your referral code, it may be less attractive to new users, so we recommend just pasting in the link if links are allowed on the platform. Please note that some platforms, including Google Play Store, may not allow you to post if you include a referral code or link.

You’ll find higher success rates in communities related to:
・Crypto, blockchain, web3
・Loyalty points, cashback, coupons
・Online shopping
・Affiliate networking, commission-based sales

Here’s an example of a review you could post in an online community:

SocialGood App gives crypto with a rising price for free. The crypto is SocialGood (SG), an asset you can build up over time with no risk.

First: Download this app. Then access a site like eBay or AliExpress inside the app and buy something for at least $1. Within a day, your purchase will be tracked and you will get $50 worth of SG.

Second: Post your referral link on Twitter. You will get $30 just for posting it together with their hashtag. Then, share the referral link with your friends on What’s App. You will get $3 just for that.

That’s $83 worth of SG you can get daily, and this offer ends at the end of October, so you can get up to $2,573 worth of SG in just one month.

Plus, if you are a new user, you will get $200 once you finish the intro to the app (free).

If you buy something via the Chrome extension before Oct. 10, you will get $100.

If you turn on the app notifications, you will get $20.

That’s another $320.

Now you’re up to a total of $2,893.

But that’s not all.

There is a limit of $3000 worth of SG gained per purchase, but you will get SG worth 3 times the amount you spent every time you shop.

For example, if you spend $100 at Temu, you get $300 worth of SG. If you spend an average of $300 a month online shopping, you will receive $900 monthly.

If this explanation was helpful for you to understand how to use this app, please type in my referral code when you create an account:


*I will get $200 for each new person who joins with my code.

Definitely take advantage of this opportunity to get at least $3,000 worth of assets in October alone. No risk for you at all.

How to Create Content for Referrals

Step 1: Share the news that the SG price is rising.
There are many images like the ones below on our official Twitter page.
First of all, it’s important to spread awareness about the high-growth crypto asset SocialGood (SG).

socialgood thumbnail
230706 1

Step 2: Explain that anyone can get SG for free and without risk.
Images like the ones below are also easily available on our Twitter.
Let everyone know that they can get SG, a token that is continuously rising in value, for free just by shopping through the app!
That means that they can get an investment asset without any risk and take a profit.

2300606B 既存LP TOP

Step 3: Explain How the Price of SG Rises
Ideally, you have already carefully read the Patented Crypto Buyback System Begins article and can explain it in your own words.
Since this innovative system is the first-ever in the world, many people still don’t know about it yet, so anyone who can explain this well will surely be able to succeed in getting many referrals.

Shopping SG Price Buyback

Step 4: Respond to People who Misunderstand SG

When you share about SocialGood on social media, you may get a response like this:

“SocialGood App is a scam! They won’t let you withdraw the SG you earn from the app!”

But, since you have read the article Patented Crypto Buyback System Begins,  you know that the reason why the price of SG is skyrocketing is exactly because of the withdrawal limits that don’t allow you to withdrawal all of your SG immediately.

You can simply reply with these facts:
・This app has a system in place to raise the price of SG by giving priority to only those who contribute to the SocialGood Ecosystem.
・People who want to withdraw SG and only hold in the short term are not the main target for this project. The target is people who want to hold SG for a long time in order to become a millionaire with zero capital.

Also, for those who don’t understand how to use the SocialGood App, link them to this article: 
Four Things People who don’t use the SocialGood App are Misunderstanding

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