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Introduction of Verification Fee

hero Notice Regarding KYC Costs

Must-Watch Video for all SocialGood App Users and SocialGood (SG) Holders

Thank you for consistently using the SocialGood App.

Starting from May 27, 2024, users will be responsible for Verification Fee when withdrawal. A fee of $5 will be charged only for the initial KYC process. Once you have completed KYC, there will be no additional Verification Fee in the future.

Furthermore, Network Fee in a first time withdrawal (via Polygon only) and Handling Fee will remain at $0 as always.

Shopping SG Price Buyback
Disclaimer: The SocialGood (SG) token is a utility token. SG is not a security, just as real estate and gold are not securities. The description above does not refer to the nature of SG in any way. The appreciation/price increase of SG is not guaranteed. The Company is not responsible in any way for the fluctuation of the price of SG. The Company is not liable for any loss/damage/injury of customers in relation to SG. The description above is not intended to solicit investment. The description above is only for the purpose of providing general information for customers. The description above may change without prior notice and the Company is not responsible for the current description and for updating the description.
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