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Introducing the Members Discord Channel

Members Discord Introducing

New Discord Channel for SocialGood Members

In addition to staking bonuses and the highest Crypto Back shopping rewards, SocialGood Members can now access the Members Discord channel.

The channel offers:
🔹Members-only chat
🔹Members-only giveaways
🔹Advance updates from the SocialGood Team
🔹Members-only voting
🔹More direct communication with team members
And more to come!

Check the out the Discord channel now and join in!
SocialGood Discord Server

How to Activate your Membership

To activate your Membership, you will first need to purchase 200 SG through the SocialGood App and hold it in your connected wallet. Don’t worry, you will earn a staking bonus of up to 15% APY on that 200 SG as well.

Please note that only the SG that you have newly purchased with the Coinbase Commerce feature in the SocialGood App will be counted as your 200 SG for Membership Activation.

When you purchase the 200 SG in the app, you can select which network to make the transfer on. The default network is Polygon (MATIC). With the Polygon chain, your gas fees will be about 1/100 of the fees on the Ethereum chain.

Go ahead, open up the SocialGood App, and follow the directions to activate your Membership now.

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