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SocialGood Membership Rewards

We believe in the SocialGood Ecosystem™.

The more SocialGood users who we can keep happy in our ecosystem, the higher that the value of SocialGood can rise.

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Why should I care about
my Membership level

The higher you level up, the higher your staking reward rate and Crypto Back rate will be, up to 15% APY. You will level up to higher tiers the more you shop through the SocialGood App and the more SG you stake. The more SG you hold, the more SG you will earn as a reward.


How can i Level up for higher rewards?

There are 5 membership levels: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


The membership rewards include both Crypto Back for shopping and staking rewards for holding SocialGood. You will receive your staking reward every 6 hours, and your current level is shown in the app with your reward rate.

You can receive compound interest as your staking reward rate will be calculated based on the total of your initial SG amount added to your accumulated staking rewards. The calculation of your staked SG includes an additional 3% of the approved SG in your SocialGood App for the total.

Diamond Level
(15% APY)

Crypto Back Shopping: $100,000+ USD total in the past 2 months
Staking: 5,000+ SG

diamond level

Platinum Level
(10% APY)

Crypto Back Shopping: $2,000+ USD total in the past 2 months
Staking: 200+ SG


Gold Level
(7% APY)

Crypto Back Shopping: $1,200+ USD total in the past 2 months
Staking: 50+ SG and $0.01+ USD total Crypto Back Shopping in the past 2 months


Silver Level
(4% APY)

Crypto Back Shopping: $0.01+ USD total in the past 2 months
Staking: 50+ SG


Bronze Level
(1% APY)

The starting level for all users


Our dedication to the best rates

Please contact the SocialGood Team if you find a crypto rewards or cashback service who has over one million users and offers a higher return rate than the SocialGoodApp.

We will do our best to make our app have the best rates possible for our users.

SocialGood Membership Principals

Our mission is to build the world’s largest global platform and to provide financial freedom to all people worldwide.
Our vision is to become the top cryptocurrency and global mobile app with the highest number of users.
Together with our fellow SocialGood members, we follow these principals:


Grow together

As SocialGood Members, we strive to connect all people worldwide through the SocialGood Ecosystem™ and warmly welcome our new SG Members into the community like family.


Help Each Other

As SocialGood Members, we support and help our fellow Members like family so that we all can achieve higher Membership levels.


Have Enthusiasm

As SocialGood Members, we unite to enthusiastically support the SocialGood Team to achieve the SocialGood Project's mission together. We promise, no matter the circumstances we face, to never give up until SocialGood is the world’s number one cryptocurrency with the most holders.

This Is Where You Start Your
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