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The rarity of the growing crypto SG

hero The rarity of the growing crypto SG 1

What is SG?

It is the crypto (Token) designed to increase in value in line with the business growth of SocialGood App, the most used free asset app in the world.

This mechanism has been featured in Forbes (US). SG can be exchanged for USDT or BTC at any time on crypto exchanges worldwide.

Comparison between SG and Bitcoin

In the second half of 2023, the crypto winter ended, and the prices of many crypto rose. Amidst this, SG experienced a greater increase in value compared to Bitcoin and ETH.

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The price trend of SG

After June 2023, the token ecosystem of SocialGood App was revamped, implementing a new buyback model. As a result, the price of SG has significantly increased.

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In particular, since April 2024, with a strengthened buyback program, a consistent daily increase of 2% to 3% has been observed. As a result, the price doubled within a month.

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The supply of SG

In general, the price of crypto is determined by supply and demand. The maximum supply of SG is 210 million tokens, of which approximately 10% has been issued. As a rule, no new issuances are made. The remaining tokens not yet issued are reserved for maintaining the ecosystem. In other words, only about 21 million tokens are currently in circulation.

The three demands for SG

Demand for SG

So, what kind of demand exists given that the supply of SG is limited to approximately 21 million tokens?

First, there is the BuyBack. As the number of users of SocialGood App and SocialGood App for PC (Chrome extension) increases, SocialGood, Inc. can earn advertising revenue. This revenue is used to purchase SG from the market (BuyBack), which is then distributed to users as a reward.

Therefore, the more SocialGood App is used, the more buying pressure is generated, leading to an increase in the price of SG.

Second, there is the Premium Membership. By holding a certain number of SG tokens, users can upgrade to premium membership. While holding SG, premium members can enjoy various benefits.

Third, there is Staking. By holding SG, users can receive a staking bonus of up to 15% APY. This is an exclusive benefit for premium members.

In this way, as more people hold SG for the long term and the supply remains limited, the value of SG is designed to increase over the long term in line with the business growth of SocialGood App.

For more details, please watch the following video. It also mentions the potential fourth demand in the future.

🎥 Check out the video below! “Why is SocialGood (SG) going to be a trend?”

What is the future of SG’s price?

The current price of SG is undervalued. As of June 5th, 2024, the price of SG is $0.06, with a market capitalization of only $1.1M.

Over 10 years ago, many people laughed at those who were happy to buy pizza with 1 BTC. Now, 1 BTC is worth more than a Mercedes-Benz.

How do you view SG?

In general, the price of a crypto is proportional to the number of users. The following facts may be helpful in evaluating SG price.

Reasons for SG price to rise

When those who own SG were asked in the survey why they believe SG will rise, the following responses were given:

  • SG’s current market capitalization is only about USD 1M. There is no way it can stay at this market cap compared to other projects.
  • SG already has partnerships with more than 20,000 major companies around the world, including Walmart and eBay. If SG can be used for payment at these e-commerce sites in the future, we believe this will be the catalyst for higher prices.
  • The more users a crypto has, the higher its price will rise. There is no doubt that the SocialGood App, where you can get paid just for doing what you like, will grow in the future. If so, there is no reason why the price of SG, its native token, will not go up.
  • The SocialGood App has the potential to dominate the cash-back market of hundreds of millions of people. It also has a patent. If this happens, the price of SG will be highly valued.
  • The price of SG should go up because of the constant reduction of SG in the market due to buy-back.
  • The number of people who want to hold SG for a long time will increase through the staking system and the membership system. If the number of sellers decreases, the price will go up.
  • MemeCoin is going up in price just because of its name recognition, and if SG’s name recognition increases in the future, the price will go up even more. It is impossible to assume that SG, an app that gives money for free, will not become more well-known.

What do you think?

How to get more SG?

Clearly, many people may want to gather SG while it is clearly undervalued.

First, simply by using the app, you can earn SG by doing what you love, such as playing games or shopping, every day. There is absolutely no risk or cost involved.

Second, within the SocialGood App, you can get SG using Coinbase Commerce. You can exchange your Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, or Matic for SG, so there is no additional expense for you.

Third, you can purchase SG on exchanges worldwide, including Uniswap.

For the latest information on these procedures, please refer to the SocialGood Play Book (2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What kind of people hold SG?

The primary holders of SG are individuals aged 30 to 45, earning over $10,000, and working in the finance or IT sectors in the United States and the EU. They are inclined to hold SG as an asset for the future rather than cashing out immediately. With its global presence, SG is used by a diverse range of people from over 200 countries worldwide.

Q2: I mainly accumulate SG from bonuses, but could you please increase the withdrawal limit? Currently, I can only withdraw small amounts at a time.

We have consistently received requests from SocialGood App users to expand the withdrawal limit. However, we prioritize the long-term increase in SG price. We believe that this ultimately fulfills the desire of all users to build their assets.

In the short term, it may seem that there is a conflict of interest between users who want to withdraw SG quickly and SocialGood, Inc., which imposes restrictions on SG withdrawals to increase SG’s price.

However, the rise in SG prices benefits everyone.

That’s why we believe it’s fair to prioritize granting withdrawal limits for SG to those who have significantly contributed to the increase in SG price.

Even if you cannot withdraw SG immediately, please don’t worry. Since there is absolutely no risk or cost involved, we recommend accumulating SG while it is undervalued by doing things you enjoy, such as shopping or playing games.

If you have the Chrome extension installed, simply shop online through EC on your PC, and SG will accumulate automatically without needing to launch the app.

For answers to other questions, please see the AMA held at the Exchange.

Do what you love and enjoy the daily increase in your asset value.

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Disclaimer: The SocialGood (SG) token is a utility token. SG is not a security, just as real estate and gold are not securities. The description above does not refer to the nature of SG in any way. The appreciation/price increase of SG is not guaranteed. The Company is not responsible in any way for the fluctuation of the price of SG. The Company is not liable for any loss/damage/injury of customers in relation to SG. The description above is not intended to solicit investment. The description above is only for the purpose of providing general information for customers. The description above may change without prior notice and the Company is not responsible for the current description and for updating the description.
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