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New Withdrawal System for Contributors

SocialGood News, New Withdrawal System for Contributors

Must-Watch Video for all SocialGood App Users and SocialGood (SG) Holders

Updated Sept. 20, 2023

On July 31, the new Contributor’s Withdrawal function, which supports the rising price of SG, has been released in the SocialGood App.

See a simple explanation of how to withdraw SG here:

This system was inspired by the aspirations of SocialGood App users who seek to become millionaires with zero capital through a sustainable rise in the price of their SG.

The Value of Your Assets   =   (the Amount of SG you Hold)   x   (the Price of SG)

With this update, the more you shop at your favorite sites via the SocialGood App, the more of the crypto asset SocialGood (SG) you will be gifted.

And the more people shop through the app, the higher the price of your SG will rise.

test 本文画像Contributors Withdrawal

Exchanging an asset that is expected to rise in value in the future for cash now is throwing away future gains and losing out.

That is why 83% of SocialGood App users choose not to withdraw SG from the app, holding their SG long-term in expectation of the rising price. Long-term SG holders also enjoy staking rewards of up to 15% APY, depending on the amount of SG they hold.

socialgood crypto price rise thumbnail

The more you shop, the more the SG price goes up

In other token projects, the token price often rises as the project becomes more and more popular, but as it becomes less popular, the token price falls and the project and its services decline.
Then, only the project members can sell off all their tokens at a high price and abandon the project. That is a just a zero-sum game and not sustainable.

The SocialGood Project is different. We have no intention of artificially inflating the price of SocialGood (SG), nor do we intend to make cash by selling the SG we hold on the market.

We simply work to make sure that the price of our deeply-valued SG continues rising daily.
Our primary revenue source is our partnered brands, who pay us a commission for advertising. It is not selling our token.

Yes, that’s right- we have an actual, real business behind our project.

That’s why we can use up to 50% of our revenue to buy SG from the market every day (“buyback”). As a result, we have established a system to ensure that the more people use SocialGood App and the more our business grows, the more SG we can buy back for a continuous, gradual rise of the SG price.

We have already patented this innovative system, and the price of SG has risen by over 100% since it was implemented.

For more information, see this article: 
Patented Crypto Buyback System Begins

Shopping SG Price Buyback

Contributor’s Withdrawal System

The Contributor’s Withdrawal feature introduces a system that allows those who have contributed to the SocialGood Ecosystem to withdraw more SG from the app.

Patented Buyback System

Those who have invited others to download and shop via the SocialGood App or Chrome extension will be able to withdraw higher amounts of SG. These withdrawal requests will be prioritized based on how much their invitees have shopped.

In other words, the more those who you invited shop, the faster you can withdraw large amounts of SG.

Of course, even if you don’t invite anyone, you can still withdraw SG every month through the Regular Withdrawal. (The amount you can withdraw depends the revenue from  your monthly shopping, which is the advertising fees from the partnered brands where you shop. The amount will vary depending on the store and your purchased amount.)

(updated Oct. 3, 2023)
Q: I see an estimated waiting time shown after requesting a withdrawal using the Contributor’s Withdrawal option. What does it mean if my waiting time increases?
A: It means that other users who have contributed more than you have also requested to withdrawal, and their requests are prioritized in front of yours. The higher the total recent approved purchase amount by your invitees, the shorter your waiting time will be. To shorten your waiting time, it is important to encourage your invitees to keep shopping via the SocialGood App and Chrome extension. Many users have successfully gained more invitees by including their referral code in reviews on the Google Play Store. For more advice on how to gain referrals, click here: Referral Tips

For more details about withdrawals, see this article:
How to Use the New Contributor’s Withdrawal Feature

For an easy-to-understand explanation, see here:
How to Withdraw SG (Simple Version)

sns zerofee

Limited-Time Campaigns

The following special offers will be available for a limited time to commemorate the beginning of this new development in the SocialGood Ecosystem.

Zero Withdrawal Handling Fee – until Oct. 31, 2023

For both Contributor and Regular withdrawals, withdrawal handling fees, which are usually set at 30% or more of the withdrawn amount, will be reduced to $0 (zero) for a limited time.

*However, the Polygon and Ethereum network fees/gas will not be covered, so they must be paid by the user, unless it is the user’s first time withdrawing SG and they choose the Polygon network.

Asset Building Rate

All SocialGood App users will receive the crypto asset SG worth 100%+ of the purchase price when they shop at sites like eBay and Temu via the app or Chrome extension.

The maximum purchase amount eligible for SG is $3,000 (so you can gain up to $6,000 worth of SG per shopping trip).

*Going forward, we will no longer use terms like “cashback rate” or “reward rate.” As SG gradually rises in price every day, it is more appropriate to refer to it as an asset.
Think about it. Taking out an asset that will have a higher price in the future and selling it for less cash now is a huge opportunity loss.
That is why, in order to protect the economic interests of SocialGood community members, we have decided to accurately describe our service in terms of “assets” instead of “cash.”
We will use the term “asset building rate” from now on.

How to build up more assets by shopping

How to activate your membership

sns referral

Special Offer in Order to Increase Participants in the SocialGood Ecosystem

・We will give $100 worth of the crypto asset SG as a Welcome Gift to anyone who downloads the SocialGood App.

・If you invite your friends, you will also receive $100 worth of the crypto asset SG as a Referral Gift.

It’s easy to refer people to the app- simply post your referral link on social media.
When you copy your link from the app, you can use our automatically-generated template phrase or feel free to write your own.
Some users have already gained over 100 referrals!

We’ve released an article with all the tips you’ll need:
How to Get 100s of Referral Bonuses


The Aim of the SocialGood Project

The SocialGood Project has partnered with over 20,000 online stores and brands around the world, including eBay, Walmart, Shopee, Lazada, and The SocialGood App has over 2.3 million downloads worldwide. SG is listed on crypto exchanges including Bitmart, MEXC, Uniswap, Bittrex, Lbank, Latoken, and more.

We want to create a world where anyone can start building their assets with zero capital just by shopping.

To achieve this, we want as many people as possible to participate in this project.

The more people participate in this project, the more people hold SG for a long time, the more the price of SG will rise, ensuring an enriched future for all. But we need your cooperation to make this possible – just spread your referral link across your social media to contribute.

Think about the $100 worth of SG that someone joining the SocialGood Ecosystem will receive as a Welcome Gift.

What if this were to be multiplied tens of thousands of times like Bitcoin? (Bitcoin has increased in price by over 6 billion percent since its creation.)

This is the world’s first and only way to become a millionaire from zero original capital – are you onboard? (That’s why SocialGood, Inc. has been granted patents all over the world for this system.)

Today, the majority of people around the world do not own assets.

Our mission is to reduce the economic disparity in our world and to create a society where everyone can easily become an asset owner.

That’s why our project is called the SocialGood Project, our app is called the SocialGood App, and our token is called SocialGood (SG).


Disclaimer: The SocialGood (SG) token is a utility token. SG is not a security, just as real estate and gold are not securities. The description above does not refer to the nature of SG in any way. The appreciation/price increase of SG is not guaranteed. The Company is not responsible in any way for the fluctuation of the price of SG. The Company is not liable for any loss/damage/injury of customers in relation to SG. The description above is not intended to solicit investment. The description above is only for the purpose of providing general information for customers. The description above may change without prior notice and the Company is not responsible for the current description and for updating the description.
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