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SG Token Stabilization System

Stabilization System

SocialGood App introduces new SG token stabilization system

On January 31, 2023, the new SG token stabilization system was implemented in the SocialGood App in order to preserve the SocialGood Ecosystem™. With this innovative feature, we aim to improve and stabilize the supply-demand balance of the SG token and secure its value for all long-term SocialGood holders.

The token stabilization system is based on a paced withdrawal pool that has been implemented into the SocialGood App.
This means that there is a maximum total amount of SG that can be withdrawn by all users cumulatively within a certain timeframe.
Once that maximum is reached, withdrawal requests will be labeled as “Pending” and paced out in a timed queue (first-come, first-served, within the allocated amount).

This system is an important step in securing the SocialGood Ecosystem™ as the community continues to grow worldwide. The SocialGood team continues to work to improve and support the development of the app and the technology behind it.

Read more details in our FAQ article

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