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Win $5000: SocialGood YouTube Contest


Win $5,000: SocialGood YouTube Contest

Post a video on YouTube including your SocialGood referral link and you could win $5,000 in SG!

The three YouTube videos including a referral link with the most views by October 31, 2022 will win a $5,000 bonus in SG each. Only YouTube videos posted after this announcement (Sept. 15, 2022) are eligible to win.

This special giveaway campaign is celebrating our 100% Crypto Back reward offers and the upcoming update to the SocialGood app.

What to Include:
Introduce the SocialGood App to help new users join with your referral link! Feel free to use our newest animated video about SocialGood (You can clip it in YouTube), and reference our FAQ and Resources for more information. Remember, the videos with the most views will win, so be creative!

Entry Guidelines:

・Include your referral link in the description (you can find this in the “Referrals” button on SocialGood App’s upper right corner)

・Use the hashtag #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack when you post the video to enter the contest.

・Post the video before Oct. 31, 2022. The winners will be announced within November 2022.

・Please be sure that your video follows all of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Content that could damage the reputation of any individual or company, including SocialGood, will be disqualified. Views that are found to be bots or paid views will also be disqualified.

Follow our Twitter for the latest updates about the contest:

Previous SocialGood YouTube contest winner:

Previous SocialGood YouTube contest winner’s proof of payment:


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The SocialGood (SG) token is a utility token. SG is not a security, just as real estate and gold are not securities.
The description above does not refer to the nature of SG in any way. The appreciation/price increase of SG is not guaranteed.
The Company is not responsible in any way for the fluctuation of the price of SG. The Company is not liable for any loss/damage/injury of customers in relation to SG. The description above is not intended to solicit investment. The description above is only for the purpose of providing general information for customers. The description above may change without prior notice and the Company is not responsible for the current description and for updating the description.

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