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Withdrawal Guide (2024)

hero Withdrawal Guide 2024 1

Timing of Withdrawals

Obviously, no one would sell an asset in the market immediately if they expect its value to increase in the future.

Few people use Bitcoin for payments in online shops because many believe that Bitcoin’s value will continue to rise, so they prefer to hold onto it for the long term. No one wants to let go of Bitcoin they were fortunate enough to acquire at a low price for a mediocre amount.

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Similarly, if you believe that SG will increase in value in the future, consider holding SG for the long term. When you hold SG within the app, you receive staking bonuses based on the amount of SG you have. This makes it more advantageous to accumulate SG in the app for long-term growth through compound interest.

However, why not try withdrawing SG at least once? We will now provide guidance on how to do that.

SG Withdrawal Limit: USD-Based

On this platform, you’re automatically granted SG withdrawal limit. What’s crucial here is that this limit is based on USD amount, not the quantity of SG.

If you currently have 10 SG in your app, and let’s assume the market price is 1 SG = $1. Then, your total asset value is 10 SG×$1 = $10.

So, let’s say you receive a daily withdrawal limit of $1 from the platform. You can transfer $1 worth of SG, which means you can transfer 1 SG to your wallet.

SG Withdrawal Limit USD Based 1sg

Now, you chose not to use the $1 withdrawal limit. In the meantime, the value of 1 SG increased to $10.

During that time, the value of your 10 SG holdings would indeed be $100.

You can use the $1 withdrawal limit once, transferring $1 worth of SG to your wallet. At that moment, the amount of SG would be 0.1 SG. There would still be 99.9 SG remaining in the app, representing a value of $99, which you can withdraw later.

SG Withdrawal Limit USD Based 0.1sg

If you have $99 worth of SG in the app, you can withdraw $1 for the next 99 days consecutively. What happens if the price of SG continues to rise during this time? You would then be able to withdraw for an additional 200 days, one dollar each day.

As you already understand, the purpose of this system is to continue providing you with funds over the long term while aiming for an increase in SG prices.

However, how is such a magical feat achieved?

SG Withdrawal Limit Across Platform

The secret to the SocialGood platform’s ability to do magical things is its patented system that ensures the continuous rise of SG prices.

For SG prices to rise steadily, there needs to be a balance between supply and demand within the SocialGood ecosystem, where there are consistently more buyers than sellers of SG.

To achieve this, the amount of SG circulating in the market must be strictly managed to ensure it does not hinder the rise in SG prices.

If all SG withdrawn from the app by users were to be immediately sold on the market, it would be fully bought back by us. In other words, SG withdrawals are only allowed to the extent that they can be bought back with the revenue generated by the SocialGood App and Chrome Extension.

Simply put, SG is only granted to users equivalent to a portion of our sales revenue.

As a result of this mechanism of withdrawal limits that manage the circulation of SG, even if there are no investors willing to buy SG on the secondary market, the buyback funded by our sales revenue operates effectively, allowing for a sustainable increase in SG prices. This patented system has been acknowledged by Forbes (USA).

For a more detailed explanation on the mechanism behind the sustainable rise in SG prices, focusing on the crypto market, please refer to the following article.

👉 The rarity of the growing crypto SG

hero The rarity of the growing crypto SG

Your SG Withdrawal Limit – Regular Withdrawal

The withdrawal limit assigned to you individually is determined as follows:

Firstly, the more you shop at your favorite stores through the app, the more your withdrawal limit, ranging from 1% to 10% of the amount shopped through the app recently, is automatically granted. Particularly, purchasing through strong partners like Temu and becomes higher rates.

The rate allocated to you based on your shopping activity automatically increases as the SocialGood platform expands. For instance, what used to be a range of 1% to 10% of purchase amounts gradually escalates to a range of 8% to 15%.

This is because the online stores partnering with us allocate more advertising budgets to platforms where more shopping occurs. We use this advertising revenue as the source to grant withdrawal limits to users.

This is referred to as the Regular Withdrawal Limit. Once granted the withdrawal limit, you can withdraw at any time, not just once every three months. The SG you acquire is likely to hold a value many times greater than the amount spent shopping through the app.

Additionally, there’s a bonus allocation within the Regular Withdrawal Limit. By performing the specific actions listed below, your individually assigned Regular Withdrawal Limit automatically expands through algorithms.

  • Shopping and gaming frequency (at least 3 times)
  • Notifications are enabled.
  • The Chrome extension is registered.
  • Premium membership is activated.
  • You have shared your referral code to invite friends.

Furthermore, the more actively you utilize the features of the app and Chrome extension, the more points you accumulate, resulting in the gradual expansion of your regular withdrawal limit. The examples listed above are generally ranked in order of higher point allocation, so please consider them as a reference. Moreover, there are no fees or costs involved for you in any of these actions. Furthermore, you can also acquire more SG within the app.

If SG prices are expected to rise, it’s advisable to acquire a lot of SG when it’s cheap. This is because SG has supply constraints.

Learn more about the mechanism to earn SG for free here.

👉 SocialGood Play Book (2024).

Your SG Withdrawal Limit – Contributor Withdrawal

Secondly, if you wish to withdraw even more, you can utilize Contributor Withdrawal. This feature is exclusively available to those who have invited two or more friends. The ability to use this feature is determined by the order of contribution to the platform, making it a very fair system.

It’s a mechanism that rewards individuals in order of their contributions, starting from those who have contributed the most to the growth of the platform. The level of contribution to the platform is calculated using the following formula:

Contribution Level = Number of People You Invited × Total Amount Shopped by Invited People

The contribution level is calculated within the last 30 days. It’s not based on cumulative contributions, so anyone can obtain a contribution withdrawal limit by contributing to the platform whenever they choose.

Finding people who shop a lot through the SocialGood App online is easy.

  • Forums for people seeking discount information on e-commerce
  • Cryptocurrency forums
  • Forums for gaming enthusiasts
  • Forums for people doing business on eBay
  • Forums for people looking for rewards and points
  • Forums themed around making money
  • Forums focused on passive income
  • Forums focused on asset building

In any forum, as long as people understand that it’s free and risk-free, it will be easy to increase the number of users through your referral code.

Your Withdrawal Limit Automatically Expands

Thirdly, as our sales expand and the overall withdrawal capacity across the platform increases, your individual Regular Withdrawal Limit amount will automatically expand. For example, even if you can only withdraw $1 worth of SG at a time now, there will come a time when you can withdraw $100 worth of SG at a time.

The platform’s overall withdrawal limit comprises both the Regular Withdrawal Limit and the Contributor Withdrawal Limit. Therefore, as the sales of the SocialGood platform expand, the overall withdrawal limit of the SocialGood platform also increases. When the platform’s overall withdrawal limit increases, both the Regular Withdrawal Limit and the Contributor Withdrawal Limit also increase. Consequently, your individually assigned Regular Withdrawal Limit expands automatically.

Your ability to withdraw SG increases gradually at the following times:

  1. When you primarily shop (Regular Withdrawal).
  2. When you primarily invite friends (Contributor Withdrawal).
  3. When the platform grows (Overall platform withdrawal capacity).
Automatic Expansion of Your Withdrawal Limita

Income gains from the SG held within the app

While holding SG within the app without withdrawing, you can earn income gains. This can easily be achieved by becoming a premium membership member.

👉 What are the Premium Members’ Benefits.


We received the following feedback in the survey.

  • It’s the best system where assets grow without any cost or risk.
  • I enjoy watching my assets grow every day while making small withdrawals.
  • To be honest, I would like to withdraw more. But I understand that the current system is the most profitable for me.
  • SG is like a pension. Save when you’re young and reap the benefits when you’re older. Unlike a pension, though, I haven’t invested any of my own money.
  • I would be happier if the withdrawal limit were tighter, as it would accelerate the increase in SG price.
  • I contribute to the rise in SG price by inviting friends. I also use my Contributor Withdrawal Limit every month.
  • To withdraw more in the future, I’m currently holding SG within the app to earn income.
  • The more I contribute to the SocialGood platform and the rise in SG price, the more SG I receive and can withdraw. Conversely, those who don’t believe in SG won’t use the app and won’t have SG. The community of long-term holders will further stabilize and increase SG price.
  • Other cashback apps only give a small percentage of the purchase amount in cashback, and you can only withdraw once every three months. With SocialGood’s Regular Withdrawal, it’s about the same percentage, but you can withdraw anytime, and the economic value is higher because you receive it in assets that are expected to increase tenfold in the future.
  • There’s no other project in the world that is so committed to the rise in token price. I’m excited to be part of this project.
  • I believe SG will become as famous as Bitcoin.
  • Anyway, it’s free and risk-free, so I have no complaints at all.

Detailed Conditions

Please refer to the following article for detailed withdrawal conditions for Regular Withdrawal and Contributor Withdrawal.

👉 How to withdraw SG (Update May 7, 2024) .

🎥 This video may also be helpful. “Shop to Boost SocialGood (SG) Price!”

Who we are

SocialGood, Inc. is a Japanese Web3 startup. We have partnerships with over 20,000 leading online stores worldwide, including Walmart and eBay, etc. We have raised over 2 billion yen in funding from VC and listed companies. We are supported by JETRO, an agency of the Japanese government.

Through SocialGood App (iOS, Android and Chrome Extension), we give our users money every day, we help our users build assets. By doing so, we hope to create a better society. That is why we chose the brand name SocialGood.

🏢 Our Office

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🚩 Our Office Tour Click here

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📍Our Office location

Disclaimer: The SocialGood (SG) token is a utility token. SG is not a security, just as real estate and gold are not securities. The description above does not refer to the nature of SG in any way. The appreciation/price increase of SG is not guaranteed. The Company is not responsible in any way for the fluctuation of the price of SG. The Company is not liable for any loss/damage/injury of customers in relation to SG. The description above is not intended to solicit investment. The description above is only for the purpose of providing general information for customers. The description above may change without prior notice and the Company is not responsible for the current description and for updating the description.
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